Quahoq Bay

Surrounded by the rugged shores of Harpswell, Maine just 20 nautical miles up the coast from Portland, Quahog Bay comprises nearly 1,000 acres of spectacular saltwater scenery and ecosystems. Depending on the phase of the moon seven to twelve foot tides sweep in from and out to the open Atlantic to sustain a vital and productive marine habitat that is home to a diverse array of fishes, seabirds and shellfish.

For many generations the waters of Quahog Bay have provided a living for commercial fishermen and their families. They have also attracted countless recreational fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts captivated by the beauty and wonders of this special place.

In recent decades pollution, neglect and a changing climate have introduced new threats to this delicate, dazzling ecosystem. The QBC is tackling those threats head on.

Our Mission

The mission of Quahog Bay Conservancy is to revitalize the ecosystem of Quahog Bay to a robust and resilient state for all communities that depend on it.

Through sustainable aquaculture, ecosystem monitoring, and community education, we aim to conserve natural habitat, protect native wildlife, foster environmental stewards,  support Maine's working waterfront, and partner with like-minded organizations.

Our Founders - Pat and Mary Scanlan

The Quahog Bay Conservancy was founded in 2014 by Pat and Mary Scanlan. Pat has been coming to Quahog Bay since he was a little boy, visiting his uncle on Snow Island.

Alarmed by the ecological deterioration of Quahog Bay since his time here as a boy, Pat and Mary elected to do something about it. The QBC is the product of their resolve.


Our Team

The Quahog Bay Conservancy employs five full and part-time employees to implement its programs to restore, protect and preserve Quahog Bay.