5 Reasons to Eat Gulf of Maine Seafood
Gulf of Maine

The clean waters of the Gulf of Maine (GOM) produce an assortment of delicious, fresh seafood options. Seafood from our region is known around the world for its top quality across a wide variety of species.
In addition to the great taste, there are so many reasons to choose GOM seafood.

Here are our top five:

​1. GOM fisheries are highly regulated.

Commercial fisheries in the GOM are among the most sustainable and well managed in the world. You can feel confident purchasing seafood from the GOM, knowing that the fisheries are managed by good policy informed by rigorous science, and vigorous enforcement that implements best fishing practices. Fishers in our region live with a lot of restrictions, including when and where they can fish, as well as the species, size, and amount of fish they can land.

When you buy seafood from the GOM, you are supporting sustainability, environmentally, and economically.

2. Eating local seafood supports our coastal economy.

Seafood is at the core of our region’s economy and an essential part of Maine’s cultural identity. When you purchase local seafood, it supports fishers and their families. This helps keep our coastal communities thriving. The cost of fishing is enormous. To run a fishing business, fishers need to purchase boats, gear, fuel, bait, and other marine supplies, which supports local businesses big and small. All of which crucial are components of Maine’s economy.

When you buy seafood from the GOM, you are supporting sustainability, environmentally, and economically.

3. There are plenty of other fish in the sea.

Here is a fun fact: In the U.S., we import 91% of the seafood we consume. Local fishers leave hundreds of thousands of pounds of abundant GOM species unharvested each year, due to lack of demand.
Lesser known fish such as redfish, pollock, dogfish, and whiting are bountiful (and equally as tasty) as more widespread species like cod and haddock.

With so many delicious fish available right here in the Gulf of Maine, why look elsewhere?

4. Seafood has a low carbon footprint.

You can reduce your carbon footprint today by purchasing local GOM seafood. Seafood has a smaller carbon footprint than other animal proteins, like beef and pork, which require large amounts of land, water, and feed to produce.
For an even greener option, choose seafood harvested locally and cut down the miles, your meal traveled to get to your plate.

5. It’s good for you.

You now know that buying local GOM fish means you are supporting sustainable fishing practices, stimulating the local economy, and reducing your carbon footprint. A win-win – win, but what about YOU?

Seafood is packed with healthy omega-3s that are hard to find in other foods. These essential fats are critical for your heart and brain health. Eating the recommended two servings of seafood per week can improve a range of health outcomes, including reducing your risk of death from heart disease by 36%! Now, that’s something YOU can feel good about.

These are just a few of the many reasons to choose local seafood, whether you’re at the grocery store, or at your favorite restaurant.

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